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Did You Know Home Heating Oil Is Environmentally Friendly?

Heating Oil and the environment

In 2009 the home heating oil industry made a commitment to seek higher fuel-quality standards from state governments because their customers care about the environment and reducing air pollution. The industry has since been transitioning towards ultra-low sulfur heating oil blends and renewable biofuels. As the trend continues, home heating oil is on track to become the cleanest burning fuel for home heating. Customers interested in environmental issues should stick with heating oil as the industry continues to transition to a future of green, cleaner burning fuels.

While the natural gas industry talks about environmental friendliness, the truth is that they neglect to address the problem of methane emissions. Natural gas is 95% methane, which is a greenhouse gas 72 times worse than carbon dioxide. Emissions just from drilling are so high that a recent study by Cornell University suggests that the cumulative effects of drilling and burning natural gas could impact global warming more than using coal. Gas utilities also regularly tolerate pipeline leaks that are deemed no threat for explosion or fire, meaning that thousands of un-repaired utilities leaks are slowly releasing methane into the atmosphere.Home Heating Oil is Clean

While the natural gas industry is busy defending hydro-fracking, the home heating oil industry is lobbying for cleaner fuels. Home heating oil companies are working with states to mandate ultra-low sulfur blends and clean, renewable biofuels.

In the next few years, most of the heating oil sold in the U.S. will be a blend of ultra-low sulfur and renewable biofuels. Testing has shown that burning a blend containing only 12% biofuel is cleaner that natural gas.High Efficiency Oil Systems

As the home heating oil industry evolves by transitioning to cleaner ultra-low sulfur blends and biofuels, equipment manufacturers are developing advanced high-efficiency technology that rivals anything used by the natural gas industry.

Modern oil systems incorporate technologies like modulating burners, which use varying flame sizes depending on heating needs. When a home requires a lot of heat, the system uses larger flames to heat quickly. When heat needs are lower, the unit uses smaller flames to save energy and heat more evenly. Many new systems even use micro-processor controls to optimize cycling.

Some newer systems are built with advanced metal alloys that improve tolerance for water variation. This allows boilers to deliver efficient low-temperature heating and gives customers options to improve comfort while reducing cost. New systems also come with variable speed blowers and are compatible with high-efficiency air-conditioning equipment.Oil Companies Help You Reduce Energy Use

Oil heat dealers offer relatively inexpensive system accessories that can help reduce energy consumption. Programmable thermostats can automate your energy use to lower the temperature when you’re away or the house is empty and then raise it back up before you return, lowering energy use and saving you money. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates you can achieve up to a 10% savings from lowering your thermostat only 8 hours a day.

Microprocessor-based burner controls also offer cost savings. Existing burners can be retrofitted to achieve energy savings of 10 to 20 percent. These systems improve on/off cycling to reduce consumption and deliver a more even heat.Annual Service

Annual tune-ups are essential to keep your system efficient. Make arrangements with your dealer to get your equipment tuned annually. You’ll save 5% or more on energy costs and your system will run more reliably.

Halle oil offers annual service plans that include the cost of the tune-up. Enroll in a plan and we’ll help you save energy and reduce repair and maintenance costs.

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