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Home Heating Oil Tank Maintenance and Safety

When It Comes To Oil Tank Replacement, Don't Take Chances. Call M. L. Halle Oil

When It Comes To Oil Tank Replacement, Don't Take Chances. Call M. L. Halle Oil

Your heating oil tank is a safe and efficient way to store oil. With proper maintenance, it can last several decades. A properly functioning heating oil tank should not produce any odor. If you notice an oil smell in your home or building it may be a sign that there is a problem with your tank.Oil Tank Life

Home heating oil tanks last a long time because they are constructed of high-grade steel. Tanks are also in fiberglass or sometimes double walled tanks of plastic and steel and as a result, can last for decades. Regular maintenance and tank inspections can prolong the life of your tank. Your Oil Heat dealer can evaluate your tank’s condition and offer information on replacement options.Tank Replacement

When it’s time to change your tank have a professional determine the ideal tank size, type, and installation location for your home. The National Oilheat Research Association recommends an above ground tank should be installed inside your home whenever possible. If it’s an outdoor installation, it should be in an enclosed space to protect it from the weather. There are many attractive enclosures available that will blend in beautifully with your home and property.Tank Installation and Maintenance

Your heating oil tank is a major part of your home heating system and should only be professionally installed. Tank installation is complicated and not a project for the do-it-yourselfer. Your heating oil tank should be inspected as a part of your annual service visit. Your oil provider will examine all the fittings, the area around the tank and the tank itself. 

Keep debris and bushes away from your tank if located outdoors. Metal objects should never be leaned against any tank. If you smell oil coming from your tank make sure to call us at Halle Oil, and we will have oil heat service technician take a look. If the tank is corroding from the inside, there will be signs such as smells or small wet spots that may indicate your heating oil tank is about to fail.Causes of Tank Failure

Tank failure is caused by corrosion, which is a natural process that occurs in the presence of water. That’s why it’s critical to protect the inside of your tank from exposure to water. An outdoor tank does not need to be protected from the rain or snow, but it should be regularly painted and inspected to make sure any rusting is external only.Filling Your Tank

Along with your tank, your home heating oil system includes a fill pipe and a vent pipe. Your delivery person connects the hose from their truck to the fill pipe when providing a delivery. The vent pipe releases any air in the tank as it’s being filled. The terminus for both the vent and fill pipes are usually outdoors and near each other. The NFPA requires all indoor tanks to have a vent alarm to indicate when the tank is full to prevent overfilling and spills.Safety

Heating oil is the safest home heating choice. In its natural state if you drop a lit match into heating oil it will go out. Heating oil must be vaporized, and it takes an advanced high-tech burner to ignite. It does not ignite at room temperature and can be harmlessly stored in a heating oil tank at your home where it poses no safety risk.

If you’d like to schedule a service call, annual maintenance or discuss, your oil tank options give your Halle Oil representative a call. We’re happy to help

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