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Hot Water Tanks

There is nothing worse than stepping into the shower only to find that you don't have hot water. Even worse is coming home to find your basement flooded because your hot water tank leaked. If your water heater has seen better days, we can help. An oil-fired water heater is an ideal solution for low-cost hot water production, both in residential and commercial applications. Oil-fired water heaters are energy efficient and reliable. M.L. Halle Oil provides sales, installation and service of several makes and models of oil-fired and electric hot water heaters, storage tanks and tankless coils. We offer the following brands:

Amtrol - SuperStore - Bock Energy - Toyotomi - Kinetics/Systems 2000 - A.O. Smith

Oil Tanks

Failure of an above-ground heating oil tank does not occur often, but safety measures should be taken to avoid a catastrophic failure that could potentially result in significant environmental damage. Internal corrosion is the primary cause of oil tank failure. Moisture condenses inside the tank and settles to the bottom. When combined with other agents existing in the tank, such as sediments and bacteria, an acid forms that will eventually causes pitting of the tank.  Our service technicians will inspect your tank during an annual maintenance call.  If a replacement of the tank is ever needed M.L. Halle sells and installs above-ground oil tanks for residential and small commercial use.

Heating Systems

We have promoted, installed and serviced Energy Kinetics products, boilers and water storage tanks for several years. As a result, many satisfied customers are enjoying a high-quality heating system and a reduction in fuel usage that they will benefit from for years to come. M.L. Halle Oil is proud to be a System 2000 dealer. For more information on System 2000 heating, please contact our service department or click here. We also install and service many other brands of boilers and furnaces, including:

Buderus  -  Weil McLain  -  ThermoPride  -  Utica  -  Burnham  -  Miller

Our goal is to provide better home comfort while conserving energy.

Member Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Member Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

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Member Oil Heat Council of New Hampshire

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